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Detroit, MI, USA


The Now:

David lives and works in New Center, Detroit. He was a forming member of design and build studio, The Donut Shop, but is now focusing efforts on rehabilitating his own home. He is a woodworker, a metalworker, an artist, a craftsman and a tradesman.


The Whole Story:

David Eppig was born in April of 1991. Growing up in a Dreamscape of woods and a haunting home outside of Cleveland, Ohio, he spent most of time outdoors living out fantasies. Reading began to further heighten the realms of mind and phantasm - becoming engrossed in fantasy and science fiction at a young age. School was always difficult; it deprived him of the ability to roam and wonder. He then attended a coeducational boarding school in central Ohio. While struggling to remain focused in formal studies, he found solace in the Arts. A ceramics studio and a wise tutor gave him a meditative and creative outlet for the rigid structure he did not want to abide.

With a new horizon of possibility, he became serious about what he had found as his work. Attending art school in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he honed his many crafts - and other studies as well. He practiced Woodcraft, Printmaking, Metalwork, Drawing, Design, Art History, and Ancient Languages (Latin, Greek, Manju). Looking at the world through the lens of Art gave him purpose.

His love of exploration and experimentation is unending. He has traveled through Nepal, Thailand, Eastern China, Japan and even lived briefly in Yoygakarta, Indonesia trying to better understand philosophies of Life and Art in those parts of the world. Upon his return home, he discovered the great diversity within the borders of North America, which he had taken for granted. He frequently makes great journeys through the cities and wildernesses of the states.

Between adventures, he has worked as a carpenter of reclaimed woods and metals in Cleveland, Ohio and then Detroit, Michigan. He formed a business with partners doing full design and build services. He has built live/work studios for fellow artists and collaborators inside a retired automotive factory. He has been restoring homes and works as a contractor for hire alongside his personal artwork.

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